Sonic Annotator Web Application

Sonic Annotator Web Application (SAWA) is a simple framework for writing Web-based applications involving audio analysis.

SAWA workflow

Currently there are two applications: SAWA-Feature Extractor for analysing uploaded audio files using Vamp plugins, and SAWA-Recommender which searches our content based audio similarity database and generates playlists based on one or more uploaded seed tracks. Our current database contains information of about 150000 audio tracks collected by SoundBite.

SAWA is built on Sonic Annotator, a command line Vamp plugin host, various Semantic Web tools developed in the OMRAS2 project (for instance Mopy) and Web Ontologies such as the Music Ontology and the Audio Features Ontology.

SAWA uses RDF and other Semantic Web technologies to exchange information between its components. This is summarised by the diagram at the top of this page.